When you think back on your most cherished memories in life, do you think of all of the Christmas presents you got or that family vacation you went on to Disney World? Or was it the little things like your mom dancing to Fleetwood Mac while she cleaned the house, and your dad making banana pancakes every Sunday? If your answer is the latter, you're in the right place. Together, I want to dig deep to uncover those "little" things in your life that you'll look back on in 20 years and realize were actually the big things all along and preserve those memories you cherish the most so you can relive the joy of it all for years to come.

between the big things & the little things



First and foremost, authenticity is the core value of Jemini Photo. This is your story and your memories- everything about your session from the location we choose to shoot at down to the clothes you choose to wear, should feel honest to who you are. I encourage you to release any expectations of "perfection" that are not authentic to you i.e., matching outfits in a sunflower field with everyone perfectly posed and smiling at the camera; if that is the type of results you're hoping for, I might not be the right  photographer for you. 



In order to truly capture you and this chapter of your life authentically, I believe that there must be a connection in all aspects of the experience we work to create together, including a connection between you and me. The more you allow me to know you and see you, the better I am able to capture you honestly. This also means ensuring there is a connection between all elements within the session; location, activity, style, etc. every detail works together to tell the full story.



With that connection comes collaboration! No one can tell your story better than you can, that is why we will work as a collaborative team to curate your session. After booking, I will send you a questionnaire that will help me dig deep into who you are and what this chapter of your life looks like. Once that is completed, I will use the information to develop a vision for the session, then together we will work on bringing that vision to life!



Vulnerability is where the magic happens. Your openness and willingness to be seen fully is what will take your gallery from a series of beautiful photos to "wow, these are powerful images that make me feel things". I, again, ask you to release expectations of perfection and embrace authenticity. I ask you to allow yourself the freedom to be yourself, to let your children be wild, to let your home be messy, and to love your partner the way you love them when no one is watching.




My core values

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the process

Developing a vision for the session is a collaborative process, beginning with a detailed questionnaire that will guide me in my creative process. I will use your questionnaire responses to curate a session that is completely  unique to you, designed to tell your one-of-a-kind story and represent this chapter of your life. 




During our session I will primarily be taking a documentary style approach, capturing candid moments and letting things unfold naturally. I will, however, do my best to guide you into the most optimal lighting/setting and I will prompt some actions in order to capture a variety of images. All I want from you during the session is to be yourself and enjoy the process.



Kids being a little wild? Let them go a little wild. If it starts raining, dance in the rain! These sessions aren't about perfection or control, actually, the complete opposite. Embrace whatever comes, be present in the moment, and do your best to release expectations. We are capturing your life and family as it is, preserving your real memories and telling your story. 

Now, this is the hard part... choosing your favorite photos! I will edit a variety of the best photos from our session and put them into a digital gallery for easy viewing, you will then choose the collection that works best for you to ensure you get all of the images you love most.


choosing prints + delivery


Love Notes

When you book a photo session you have this idea of what you want, right? Jenna uses that idea and mixes it with her own creative spin and takes it to the next level.

From artistic shoots to family portraits she can capture a million feelings within her photos. The way she interacted with my littles brought out a comforting energy while shooting. She adapts to her subjects in the room, I never feel uncomfortable asking for what I wanted and vise Versa, she could direct us and feel confident. Jenna embodies what it means to be a professional, kind, and creative photographer


Ready to tell your story?

let's preserve the magic of this chapter, forever.

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