I'm Jenna

photographer. observer. memory keeper.

Photography has been a lifelong love of mine, going back to the first disposable camera my parents bought me as a child and the photoshoots I would set up with my stuffed animals.

Growing up, I was the friend who always had a camera, taking pictures of any and everything because I knew then that I was giving my future self the gift of remembering. Now, I get to spend my days giving that gift to others. Every photo captured is a memory preserved, a portal to a moment, and a feeling encapsulated.

CAPTURE MY memories

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes

inspiration in the impermanence

I am going to be open and vulnerable with you because it's only fair that I do for you what I will ask you to do for me as my client. I lost my dad when I was 15 years old which means that for nearly half of my life I have lived with grief; I have sat with it and gotten to know it on a personal level, I have listened to its stories and learned valuable lessons from it, and after quite a bit of healing, I have even come to be inspired by it.

The driving force behind my work is knowing that life can (and does) change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes that change is loss, sometimes it's just babies growing older but one thing is certain- the only thing that stays the same is everything changes. The ebb and flow and impermanence of life is what inspires me to preserve authentic moments and raw emotions through photography. So that when things inevitably change, you always have a window back to here and now. 

What does Jemini mean?

Jemini is a play on my sun sign and my name, Gemini + Jenna. Astrology is something I have been interested in since I was young, reading my monthly horoscope in the back of CosmoGirl magazine. A few years ago I discovered there is so much more to astrology and have been a student of the stars ever since. I am a Gemini through and through; creative, curious, always learning, adaptable, well rounded, and a social butterfly. 


South Carolina is my second home

It’s a love at first sight story... Last May, we took a family vacation somewhere none of us had ever been before, we instantly fell in love and haven’t been able to stop going back ever since. Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina is officially our second home and the place Dylan and I get to start forever together. You can find us in the Lowcountry every winter from here on out but I’ll never miss a Michigan summer or fall! 


Soon-to-be Mrs. Reminder

After eleven years of celebrating and capturing other people’s love, I finally get to experience it all from the other side. Dylan is my best friend, my partner in everything, my biggest fan, the greatest love I’ve ever known, and this October… he becomes my husband! I'm so excited to have a wedding day of my own and, of course,  I'm already dying to see our wedding photos. 
Photo Credit: Water & Whimsy


Fair Lemonade and Far Niente

I think if one sentence could describe me as a person, it might be that one. Not only are they my two favorite beverages, but they also represent my two very different personalities. A small town girl at heart with expensive taste, just as happy at the county fair as I am at a spa (I'm lying, the fair wins because they have corn dogs).


My favorite photos

While I do love a perfectly posed portrait, my favorite photos will always be the ones caught in the moment that capture real life. They're the candids of people I love the most being themselves and doing the things they love to do, they're the everyday moments that might seem mundane but make my heart the fullest. My favorite photos are the ones that tell the story of my life, and those are the photos I strive to give you.


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